Promotion of the Sport 2017

Lenny Krajancic’s letter has stirred the possum somewhat regarding promotion of the sport.

Firstly I think the majority of bowling people are comfortable with BowlsWA paying for the results to be published in the Sunday Times. If the results were not in the Sunday Times, the sport would be out of sight completely to all sports loving people.

BowlsWA must be commended for making a difficult decision in terms of cost to the association to have to pay for the results to be published, a bitter pill to swallow considering it was done for free for as long as bowls results have been published in that paper

Clive Adams has such a small amount of space to work with, it is hard for him to expand on what can be written. For the amount of space he is allocated he does a good job and often we see little titbits of how who and why and game was won.

He plays his game on Saturday afternoon then has to have his report in by 7pm, that doesn’t leave much time to gather results about the games and take into account on some occasions some games finish late. Clive gives his time freely, something he doesn’t have to do.

My major criticism is the lack of a points table on a results page, how are readers to know what the state of play is, that makes the results meaningless, it is not Clive Adams’ fault there are no ladders or points tables

Len does have a point in as much that perhaps at certain times such as the Grand final or other major events could be given more space for the promotion of the Sport.

How then do you appease others who have written in, they also have a point that they deserve the same treatment as 1st division to be able to read the results of their division, after all they pay the same fee as everyone else and the organisation cannot run without their support

Myself I always look at the results of other divisions to see how Bill Smith or Joey Jones went in whatever division, it is the only way of keeping up with how other players are going, without the results in the Sunday times we would be unaware

The sport has lost so much ground in the promotion stakes since the sport lost the support of the West Australian, it is sad this has occurred especially when the population of this state has grown substantially. It is certainly not because of any Board past or present that media coverage has all but disappeared , now or in the past. They would love to see the game covered in the sports pages and clearly realize the importance of it being so, they are stymied by a lack of co-operation from the Papers

To some degree we as bowlers have to share in the loss of publicity, how many of us show up to watch the Major events or go to watch Grand final day? If bowlers are not interested enough to go to the games how can we expect the West Australian to be interested

I was at Mt Lawley to watch the first combined Men’s and Woman’s State singles final, in 2011 there was a paltry attendance of 200 people there to watch. The West Australian had a photographer in attendance, they would be entitled to ask why are so few people at the two blue ribbon events of the game, is there is no interest from the public or the Bowlers themselves, how would you expect us to have any

One of the first people seconded to the Board in its early days of the new Board winning the election was John McGrath, an MLA and a former Sports editor of the West Australian. No doubt he would have tried his best to influence the Editor of the newspaper to give bowls some publicity. he was not successful. If a person of his stature and influence was unable to succeed who then could it be that would.

That left BowlsWA with nowhere to go and so it remains that bowls in WA will have to wait for media coverage, in time it is hoped they are able to influence the Sports Editor to change his stance in reporting the game but don’t hold your breath

Some say watching bowls is boring, like listening to someone who is complaining about emotional therapy dog that didn’t go well, it is not a spectator sport, that depends on the person but lack of people in attendances at the major games probably backs up their claim. I find other sports that get a huge amount of media attention that are far more boring to me.

The America’s Cup was boring sitting there and watching two yachts race over 24 miles, yet look at the publicity that received and goes to show boring sports do rate. Some cricket matches are terrible to watch, the Sheffield Shield has few spectators yet still has radio cover on all WA games.
When Rob Parrella won a Gold Medal in the 1990 Commonwealth games it was a huge success and interest in bowls skyrocketed.

When Jackhi was on TV many years ago at 8.30 pm on a Wednesday night the ratings were in the high 30’s. How would the ratings go if it were to return to that timeslot in the same format

At the end of the Day Len has a point and that is to find a way to have the sport bought to the Public’s eye, is there anyone out there in the world of Lawn bowls who can do this?

As was written in our letters section BowlsWA have done as much as they can to have the game publicised in the two papers by manassas lawyers in Virginia.

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