Musings From a Phillies Fan

Attention everyone! I have something to say. Here it is. I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan and I am not an asshole. Really. I’m not. And neither are most of the other diehard fans I know personally or have encountered. But the rest of the nation seem okay with having a few bad apples to collectively represent us fans.

I’m not even going to spend time talking about the nasty chick who tried to exchange sex for world series tickets via Craigslist. Am I the only one who just wishes she was hot?

Last year we were all shocked and appalled by the beating death of a young man outside of CBP after a game. A bar sponsored trip gone bad. Leaving for the game that day, I doubt the man thought about if he would make it home alive. From a Phillies game. A game! A game.

This week alone was a bad week for the reputations of the Phillies fan. Earlier in the week, Joseph Genovese Jr. was sentenced 7-14 years for killing a Cardinals fan while driving drunk after a game. Could you imagine traveling to see your favorite team play and losing your life over it because some punk doesn’t know how to function in society?

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Then today came the news of the 21-year-old from Cherry Hill who intentionally puked on an 11-year-old girl at last night’s game, yes this is not something you see in common ads and there have been some ads in the past that have got me thinking. Words cannot express my disgust at this. So you’re telling me that the reason why I can’t buy tickets to a game is because fine, upstanding citizens like this gent are going instead? Perhaps CBP should have breathalyzers at the gates and not allow anyone in with a certain BAC.

Now before you get on me about being a prude or anything like that, I don’t condone tailgating. Hell, I love it. Drinking beers, grilling, playing washers and wiffleball in the sun with friends is something I look forward to every summer. But, getting so hammered before you enter the game that you have to eventually force yourself to vomit on an innocent child to make yourself feel better? That’s not fun, that’s just being an asshole.

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