Musings From a Phillies Fan

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Attention everyone! I have something to say. Here it is. I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan and I am not an asshole. Really. I’m not. And neither are most of the other diehard fans I know personally or have encountered. But the rest of the nation seem okay with having a few bad apples to collectively […]


Promotion of the Sport 2017

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Lenny Krajancic’s letter has stirred the possum somewhat regarding promotion of the sport. Firstly I think the majority of bowling people are comfortable with BowlsWA paying for the results to be published in the Sunday Times. If the results were not in the Sunday Times, the sport would be out of sight completely to all […]


Bowe Passes First Comeback Test

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Riddick Bowe is back! The former world champion fought for the first time since December 1996, scoring the predictable early stoppage over trialhorse Marcus Rhode in the second round. It was Bowe’s first contest since December 1996, and a predictably easy one. Rhode, with 26 losses to his name, is face-first brawler with a bad […]